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Lego Review - Set # 40469 - Tuk Tuk

First Impressions

I knew this set was going to be a winner as soon as I saw it online. It's going to be great in a number of different settings, and because of the generic nature of most of the parts, it can be customized easily with bricks that are ready at hand. Normally I don't like the bright colors but this one really shows what can be done with them. If you are not familiar, Tuk Tuks are motorized rickshaws and not the safest vehicle in the world for those riding in them.

Retail Cost is $ 9.99 and that is a deal for a set that is not more of the same.


Piece Count - 155

A good assortment of bricks in this one considering the size of the pack and the cost. Lots of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) elements in good colors such as green, dark green, dark bluish grey, and black. Chrome serrated tiles, assorted plates, and a couple of good sand/tan and green bricks.


Very easy build on this one, but for the price point there are not going to be a lot of challenges. This may be a good introduction to some different Lego techniques for younger builders but it is a fun little project for AFOLs as well.

Random Rant

Thankfully, as of this writing, the federal government does not control Lego motor vehicle safety or emissions. If they did, this set would be a no go! Speaking of federal government mandates, I'm surprised the US government has not started to loosen restrictions on tuk tuks. They are very fuel efficient (80+ MPG) when powered by gas and would be a swell way of scooting around. Allowing efficient gas vehicles would clash with Green New Deal tax breaks and the dream of powering an electric car with windmills, smiles, and apparently puppies (I'm looking at you, 41443)...


Sadly, there were no minifigs included with this set. The seat does hold one but the roof has to come off to put in a driver, unmodified this set will not hold any passengers. To be fair, I would rather have this come in at $ 9.99 than $ 14.99 with a minifigure.

Set Elements

The lunch boxes on the roof are an excellent addition. I enjoy the gold accent elements, it really adds something to this set. In many builds from other cultures, this would be a natural addition or customize it a bit to give it the local flair. Park it in any modern Lego City layout for a fun Easter egg and a pop of color.


Surprisingly none. If I had to have one it would be that Lego has yet to license and release the Croco Taxi from Far Cry 6? Hold on... MOC project. I'll get back to you on that.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Buy Several - I bought two and this would make a great little gift for someone. I don't follow Lego as an investment more than casually looking at how much sets I would have bought if I was an AFOL more than 2 years. I'd bet in 10 years this set would be a good one to have new in box and for the price on it that is an easy wager to make, unlike a Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series or something.

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