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Lego Review - 40465 - xtra Food

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

First Impressions

I enjoy the Lego xtra series of poly bags. I'm not sure why these are generally not at the local big box, perhaps because of size they are prone to theft. The food extras are always good to have and are inexpensive enough to get without specific needs or inspiration in mind to spruce up any MOC or existing set.

Retail Cost is $ 3.99 which is fair. Sometimes Lego has a sale for 20% off.


Piece Count - 36

Lego xtras often includes additional elements which is great as they are not like a horn or something as most of the parts are stand alone. In this pack there was a bonus watermelon slice and egg. Everything in this... set(?) is likely something that is useful; however many parts do not attach freely onto a stud: the bread, apples, cherries, pretzels, and bananas.

Random Rant

I have been playing around with lighting in my build area for some time. When I was inspired to create this blog/review site/etc. I knew I needed to working on updating my lighting for pictures so I purchased an 18 inch ring light on eBay to try and help. I ended up spending some time trying to get it right so I could get better pictures and this is the first set of pictures I used it for. I also had to swap the two folding tables I have in the build area as the one I was using previously was kind of like a taupe/bisque color and the other one I have is more suitable for a background. Ultimately I ended up putting a light grey base plate down for this review but hopefully on future reviews/pics it will be worthwhile. One wouldn't think getting pictures of an xtra set would involve so much set up and moving around of stuff but somehow I made that happen.


Lego xtras have been without minifigs for the past few years and I doubt they ever have them to push sets and the collectible minifigure series. I did find a operator to volunteer to eat a hot dog in an operationally appropriate setting but only if I made it look like a grainy CIA photo. Tactical choice, friend!


I would have liked to see different color plates. Outside of Mexican restaurants big yellow plates are seldom seen and none of the food really goes with that theme except maybe the eggs for huevos rancheros. I also find it frustrating that not only do I have a general lack of Frustrations to complain about, I couldn't even come up with a really good related Random Rant. Who cares about lighting when reading a Lego blog?

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Buy Several - I purchased four, although at least one of them is going into the March 2022 giveaway. This is not the best xtra set that has come out, but it is solid for AFOLs and children alike.

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